Love artist, sex worker, trying to find her place in the world.

Whats up with your tagline?

Lilith is a cool archetype, shes been called everything from Adams first wife, angel-prostitute, vampire, Satans bride, etc. People hung charms over their first born sons beds in an effort to keep them safe from her, she was accredited with causing wet dreams (damn) and being a succubus. Animals that were associated with her were snakes, owls and cats. She was supposed to have long, flaming red hair and hairy legs according to some myths. If youre into mythology or womens studies at all, its worth the research to read about her.

Why do you keep this blog?

A myriad of reasons and mostly its a creative outlet, a way to connect with folks that have similar interest, write about issues that are near and dear to my heart not to mention that by me writing about my experiences as a sex worker it helps to demysitfy and destigmatize our profession just a little bit and emails like this make me want to keep writing:

I just want to compliment you on your blog, which I only stumbled upon recently.  You have changed some of my viewpoints towards the sex industry.  I know it is an unfair, but there are certain negative preconceptions about porn stars and escorts, and I admittedly held some of those views (and am still somewhat skeptical that the industry is filled with people like you).  It wasnt that I looked down on anyone in the industry, but I never really viewed it as a regular profession either.  I first saw some of your pictures and read part of your blog, and then when I found out how involved you were in the sex industry, it really shocked me.  I didnt understand how a girl that seemed so down to earth and normal could make a living from sex.  I mean, you seem like someone I could go out for a drink with and have an interesting conversation with and that is weird to me (which I am sure you hear all the time great.  another creepy fan who thinks he knows me. ?  Basically you introduced a level of humanity to the profession for me, and I always appreciate when someone can open my mind about something.