Does Penis Pumps Really Increase Size?

penile-pumpPenis pumps are also called Vacuum Constriction Devices. They are highly recommended for people with erectile dysfunction. They aid in getting and retaining a hard and large erection. The pumps are also recommended for people with rapid ejaculation and also aids with a weird penile curvature. The composition of the device is an acrylic tube with a pump at the end. The pump is for creating vacuum in the cylinder.

How it works

You place the device on your penis and pump the air out. The pumping is either done by the hand or the device runs on batteries. When placing the device on your penis, make sure you use a lubricant to prevent irritation due to friction.

The pump sucks air out of the cylinder creating a vacuum. This vacuum forces blood to be drawn into the soft tissue of the penis. This results in an erection. Once the erection has been attained, put the retaining band at the base of the penis to prevent blood from flowing from the penis and thus retaining the acquired erection. Release the vacuum first to allow for oxygen, done every 15 minutes per set, then remove the pump. The erection should typically last the period of sex.

Top four penis pumps

  1. The Bathmate Hydro Pump, X-Series
    The advantage of this pump, which actually makes it choice among many men is the fact that it has undergone a lot of improvements to make it the choice penis pumping device. It has a system called Below Pump System. This system is said to ensure more comfort during pumping thus reducing injury to the penis and soreness. It allows for proper monitoring because it has a 360 degree rotation. The X-series is the most powerful penis pump from the company, Bathmate. It gives an increase of about 2-3 inches in length and about 35% in girth.
  2. Bathmate Hydro Pump.
    This one uses water and hence it feels invigorating. It also makes it easy to use and also effective. It is also more hygienic and show more feasible results because it uses water. It depends on water pressure in contrast to other pumps that rely on air pressure. It increases penis size by about 25% and girth by 30%. Get more information about bathmate pumps here.
  3. Penomet
    Penomet water pumps offers pumps with versatility as they can be used as both air and water penis pump. The gaiters are also interchangeable to provide more comfort. It has a very durable cylinder with measurements to provide you with proper monitoring of penile growth. It was even awarded as the German Best New Male Enhancement Device in 2013. It gives an increase of 3 inches that is almost guaranteed. It comes with many available packages as standard and some that can be bought. Find Penomet testimonials here.
  4. EVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump
    This is a rechargeable pump that uses electricity. It is inexpensive but also effective. It comes with an 8 inch long cylinder that is 2 inches wide. It offers a good erection that can be sustained for hours. It is also big resultantly working well for more endowed men. It generally causes an increase of 3 inches in length.


Generally penis pumps feature an increase in the penile size of less endowed men. They have few negative side effects among them the fact that the erection is unnatural and may get blue or purple and cold. People with leukemia or sickle cell anemia must not use this device. by an urologist in oxnard