unshaven: sexy ladies with hairy underarms


There is something that I find totally hawt about chicks that have hairy armpits. I didn’t shave my armpits for about two years, until recently, and I loved it. It made me feel wild and free and many other things that I don’t have the ability to articulate that well. There’s so many things that women are pressured to do in this culture, you must be hairless and odorless and a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t really make all that much sense. When I see a chick that doesn’t shave, doesn’t put up with that societal bullshit, it just makes me want to take her to bed.

Here’s some photos I collected from a few of my favorite porn/nude art sites, hope you enjoy, and if you really like them, show your support by signing up for a subscription.


This is Jessica L from AbbyWinters in her solo shoot.


This is Chica from I Shot Myself. Join ISM and search for Chica!


You can see more of the beautiful Chica and her awesome photography on her blog.


How cute is that smile!


This is Mira from AbbyWinters


I love this lady’s tattoos!


From missdemeanor’s artist statement on ISM:

Confidence is such an unnecessary issue among many ages and genders. ISM is good because it allows each individual to contribute in their own style, time and space.


Chanise from AbbyWinters.


Chanise has some sweet tattoos as well and talks about her travels and adventures living out of her van and selling faery stuff at festivals in her solo video.


This is Meena from ISM. She has some pretty sweet folios up, search for her name, my favorite is her folio titled Kaleidescope.


and of course, what could a blog entry about furry pits be with out Furry Girl…



If you’re a fan of the fuzz as well, here’s a few sites that are fur friendly:





(I’ve also added a poll on the right hand side bar about arm pit hair on the ladies, give me your two cents pls)

10 thoughts on “unshaven: sexy ladies with hairy underarms”

  1. I’m torn on the hair thing . . .

    I distinctly remember meeting the first ‘fuzzy’ girl I knew. It was about 4.5 years ago, but I’ll never forget her scent. See, she didn’t shower too frequently either, which resulted in her having a *literally* intoxicating scent. No wonder our society promotes washing that away…it’s wholly raw and animal and would have us fucking in the streets.

    Having said that, my own GF, a ISM veteran in her own right:

    . . . this lady has been growing her hair out for a while now, having shot several sets that should be published on ATK any time now. She seems to be enjoying a bit of the “feel[ing] wild and free and many other things that [she doesn’t] have the ability to articulate that well. Also, we’ve been showering less frequently over, say, the past year or so, and as her muff has grown out, her smell is decidedly ‘cleaner’ and more appealing, imn 😉

    So all of that is great, but I’m still not keen on feeling hair on her calves. Be that as it may, her skin is so much healthier sans shaving that she seems to want to keep the hair indefinitely . . .

  2. I agree with Britni The VadgeWig, it’s vital to portray images of real women, with hair, with stretch marks, with saggy bellies after childbirth and the list goes on. There is beauty to be found in every woman no matter what her physical appearance or the demands of the society within which she lives.

  3. Years ago I dated a woman who didn’t shave anything – not her pits, not her legs. Her legs were as hairy as most men’s, and her armpits had quite the distinctive scent to them most of the time. None of this bothered me at all, although most people I’ve ever talked to about it, male or female, have found it repulsive. I don’t get it. This is just how humans are in their natural state and I don’t find anything disgusting about that at all. And it certainly didn’t hurt that this woman was an enthusiastic lover and enjoyed sex a lot! That will serve to create some very positive associations in one’s mind, you know?

    This girlfriend did shave her pussy once for me, and that was cool. There are advantages and disadvantages to a shaved pussy. On the one hand, I absolutely love the look, feel and smell of a full bush. But it’s definitely more pleasant going down on a woman when you’re not fighting to avoid getting a mouthful of hair. Also, I’ve found with my current girlfriend that shaving, or at least trimming, the hair around her vagina helps avoid it getting snagged and pulled while we’re having vaginal sex, which makes it much more comfortable for her.

    I do love the look of a completely shaved pussy, as well as a full bush. The in-between styles I’m relatively indifferent toward.

  4. From what I’ve seen, women are their own worst critics with regards to shaving or waxing or artificial scents, etc. As a man who loves women, I’m more interested in what makes her happy; go natural or go with the fashion.

    Actually, a strong-willed woman, who manifests her independence by going against Madison Avenue’s concept of beauty, has a good chance of turning me on.

  5. In your abbywinters series with Fotina, you had sexy and erotic armpitshair, though neither the pictures nor the video highlighted the armpits. Though both of you kissed and licked very well(superb in fact), I was disappointed that armpits were not kissed and not even highlighted. You have one of the very sexy armpits on the net. So why you shave ??? “There’s so many things that women are pressured to do in this culture, you must be hairless and odorless and a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t really make all that much sense. ” is not correct anymore. Internet has proved otherwise. Hairy armpits are a taboo only in the pseuod anglo-american society. Even there people are pretending. Commercial success of site like ATK hairy proves that people do LOVE armpitshair!!!

    I love to see you with armpitshair!

  6. I have always preferred the natural woman. A lady that I shared 12 years of my life, had fine hair on her legs and just let it grow. She never shaved her pubic area and let her armpits grow for many years. FANTASTIC!

    Due to your folios being on AW, I did sign for them and enjoyed a great deal of their collection. After seeing ALL of your shoots (and then recovering!) I went on to view others with hair as nature intended.

    I never have a problem with getting the occasional hair in my mouth, just spit it out, no problem!

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