Vintage Polaroid Photo

Here’s me, this picture was taken using a Polaroid Model J66 with Type 47 film, which has been discontinued. If anyone can find me any more film like this, that would be awesome. The whole process of making pictures with these things is really exciting to me for some reason and I love the way the pictures come out with the cute postage stamp like border. I scanned it against some black paper so you could see too. Its lovely.

I love the look of this picture and I want more film!!!!!!!!!! More film to go in my Model J66 camera, type 47, please!

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  1. That’s great stuff babe. I’ll keep my eyes pealed for this kind of film. Have you see these things…

    They take amazingly unique images and they’re fairly cheep too. Lomography also seem to be trying to get a medium format camera out that doesn’t break the bank..

    Thanks for a great site by the way. This is a very unique experiment

  2. oops…sorry 😛 The site did something weird and didn’t show my comment, even after refreshing. my apologies for the double post

  3. That is too cool! I loaded that picture up in The GIMP and tweaked it a bit to increase the contrast and sharpen it a bit to see if I could see a bit more detail. It worked fine, but the low-contrast, faded look you have going here really does make it look like this was taken in 1908 or something. Very nice effect.

  4. it looks like the old photograph of your stunning grandmother when she was still young and you find her in photograph in your mother’s closet and cry, finding yourself there back in time and her there with you in cellular re-memory. really- it’s you. it’s lovely.

  5. I did some quick google research and it looks like your camera is an orphan; Type 47 film hasn’t been made since the early 90s. If you’re really interested in a polaroid camera look for one that takes 100 pack film. Fuji still makes iso 100 color and b&w film, and iso 3000 b&w film. I bought a colorpack 2 camera off ebay for $5 and it is a blast to use. Although the pictures are expensive at nearly $1 per picture. The process of taking the photo, waiting for it to develop, and the tangible results are way better than photoshopping something from my dSLR to look old.

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